Trojan Fitness

Client: Trojan Fitness

Brief: Trojan Fitness is a local Gym & Fitness Equipment manufacturer based in Perth, Western Australia. The main objective of the new website was to rebuild their existing E-Commerce solution on to WordPress with Woocommerce and automate the manual tasks that their old CMS wasn't capable of processing.

Delivery:We delivered a complete mobile responsive e-commerce solution on WordPress using Woocommerce to facilitate their Online Sales from the product catalog of over 600 products. We've also implemented a competitive Australian wide Search Engine Optimisation strategy to deliver more sales. On top of which is an Email Marketing Solution that allows them to communicate new products with their existing customers and nurture sales from customers who have shown intent to purchase. We're also rolling out an exciting Social Media Strategy to engage with a massive social media audience.

Services Provided
  • WordPress E-commerce Design & Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Email Marketing


The Results

Increased Sales
Trojan Fitness are already getting more sales through a better user experience.
Social Engagement
Social Media is driving higher engagement with their brand.
Search Engine Optimisation
The website we have developed is steadily climbing through Google Search Engine Results pages thanks to our SEO Strategy.

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